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Delightful Clients

nice words from previous doula clients

The Delightful Doula - Client Testimonials

Michelle and Liam

"Jessica was a lifesaver when I had my second child, Liam. It was a challenging delivery and on day three in the hospital, I developed the worst headache I had ever experienced, while Jessica happened to be visiting me in the hospital! I did not hesitate to hand baby Liam over to Jessica and ask her to care for him until I could open my eyes again.


Not only was Jessica very happy to help, I knew for certain I could totally rely on her to take the best care of my newborn baby. This is just one example of the many things Jessica did to help me pre- and post-delivery. Jessica is a very reliable, compassionate woman. She's not only easy to get along with, but she is fun and has a glowing, cheerful personality. You can't help but feel happy and comfortable when Jessica is around.


Jessica was more than helpful when it came to baby minding, helping with my older son Ethan, and even cleaning my house while I snuggled up with my babies. If I needed anything, I knew I could count on Jessica to be there quickly and with a smile. Having a degree in social work, and a background working with children in behavioural intervention makes her my number one choice when I need someone to talk to regarding my children and their behaviour.


She is a very supportive woman to talk about personal matters; her non-judgemental listening and insightful advice are very much appreciated.


Jessica will have your back, and literally do whatever it takes to help you get through your pregnancy, delivery, aftercare or whatever may be necessary. She is an absolutely amazing woman." 

Breanne, Wyatt and Lily

Jessica was an amazing addition to our birthing team. We didn't add Jessica in until very last minute as we realised with COVID restrictions we wouldn't be able to have any family in and it would be so scary doing this alone. Jessica was everything we needed and more. She stayed for over 18 hours through labour, and afterwards, as long as she was allowed. she came over 3-4 times postpartum which I really needed.


We had very difficult feeding problems with our little girl, Jessica referred us to the people we needed, and supported us through it all. One time she came over just to fold laundry and do dishes in 40 degree heat cause I just couldn't do it. She is an amazing woman and we will be hiring her as soon as possible for our next baby, whenever that may be. She's kind, listens and is so supportive and just a real friend. She was the only one to really listen to what I needed and say the words I needed to hear to make the right choice for our baby. Jessica helped make us the parents we wanted to be, you cannot go wrong with adding her to your team.

The Delightful Doula - Client Testimonials
The Bondarenko Family

"Jessica was a wonderful source of support through my pregnancy.  Even though we don't live in the same city she so kindly helped me navigate many facets of my pregnancy from nutrition to helping me cope with my high anxiety during early pregnancy and surrounding birth.


She was a wonderful resource and was always eager to answer any questions or concerns I had, and continued to do so into my new phase of life as new mom. I can't thank her enough for being someone I could count on in one of the most vulnerable and joyous times of my life." 

Chevy, Les and Tennlee

"As a first time mom, Jessica is an absolutely amazing doula! I had interactions with a couple others before coming to a decision and i knew by the end of our consultation she would be a great fit.


Jessica has so much knowledge, every question to weird feeling was answered with a support and information! She is so caring and understanding and knew when to keep me pushing to the next step or when it was time to slow down!


If anyone is looking for an intuitive and supporting doula I would recommend Jessica 10/10! Definitely will have her for all the rest of my babies."

IMG_7734 2.PNG

Dakota, Gavin and Enzo

"I wasn’t sure that I needed a doula if I’m being honest. I thought my husband would benefit more. Little did I know how overly thankful I would be that I had Jessica by our side. 


From helping when I was labouring by taking me for a walk, reminding me to eat/drink, cleaning out my puke bucket (gross), being my advocate and calling my midwife for me when I needed it, forcing me to lay down and help me rest through my contractions. I felt so much more confident in the process and hearing 'this is painful, but normal' and that I was doing a good job at what so many woman do was very encouraging.

When things were progressing really quickly, she carpooled with my husband and I to the hospital. The room wasn’t ready for my arrival yet but she was not shy and she got right up on the bed when I needed to push and help me. The midwife was preparing, but Jessica was there and offered her body as a literal bar for my legs to push against. She supported my husband and guided him in ways to support me throughout the birth. 


After birth, Jessica stayed with me after already being with me all day so my husband could go home and shower and grab a few things so I wasn’t alone and could rest and have a trusted eye on our new baby.


A few days after birth she came to my house and checked on us. Answered any questions I had, relived and talked about the birth with me, had a very generous gift and just hung out.


A few weeks after birth she was still checking in on me and asking how we were doing.


I felt so supported by Jessica, I fully trust her and would ask her to be apart of all future deliveries."

The Bosmann Family

"10/10 - Recommended

Jessica as a doula was exceptionally helpful, comforting and supportive. She was also incredibly intuitive — she seemed to know exactly what we needed and when (position changes, cool washcloths, photographs, etc.). I have greatly appreciated the time and attention given to our new family, even after the birth.
As a new father, I often have questions and concerns that Google shows conflicting answers towards. Jessica has helped me sift through the fear, and has provided valuable insight and peace of mind.

During our prenatal visits and postpartum chats, I always felt comfortable and valued with Jessica. I felt like she really understood what my wife's vision of birth was (even though we had a hard time putting it into words).

In layman's terms - Hire this woman. She is worth every cent.

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